Curriculum Overview

Perry Hall's curriculum rationale is based on our shared vision to provide all pupils with a rich, inspiring curriculum that embraces individuality, diversity and celebrates success; inspiring all to be the very best that they can be.

Our creative, enquiry based curriculum, focuses on breadth and depth of understanding and is carefully planned in line with the National Curriculum. It is both engaging and stimulating, relevant to pupils' lives and exposes them to the arts, sports, creativity and challenge. Throughout our termly 'Expeditions', there is a strong emphasis on technology, the creative arts, design and critical thinking.

Our 'Expedition' approach seeks to bridge one subject with another allowing our pupils to become immersed within their learning and stimulating the transfer of skills and knowledge across all curriculum areas. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions, foster independent exploration, work cooperatively and make meaningful links.

Learning beyond the classroom is integral to our curriculum. From enrichment trips to museums and zoos to cultural visits to the Gurdwara and the opera, all 'Expeditions' have first-hand immersive experiences for pupils to enjoy. Forest School, our edible garden and school pets offer further opportunities for creativity, collaboration and leadership skills. A further extensive range of extra-curricular clubs allows pupils to follow their interests or try something new.

Our curriculum endeavours to provide the highest quality, inclusive and equitable learning experiences for all pupils; preparing them for the changing world and the opportunities and challenges of 2030 and beyond. We seek to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and values they need to become well rounded, appreciative and thoughtful global citizens; promoting wellbeing and resilience, whilst developing self-confidence and respect for all.


Perry Hall Curriculum Overview


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