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Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs L Richards

Head of School and Inclusion Manager (inc CLA/LAC): Mrs N Smith

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs D Lambert

Assistant Head Teachers: Mr J Hewitt and Mrs N Saunders

Teaching Staff


Donaldson Class: Miss P Saint and Mrs G Dobbs

Milne Class: Mrs A Cox

Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Rider,  Miss H Hutchings and Miss M Huseyin

Year 1:

Potter Class: Miss L Ashe

Rosen Class: Ms J Wadsley and Mrs D Lambert

Teaching Assistants: Mrs L Cook, Miss G Jones and Mrs D Goode

Year 2:

Dahl Class: Miss L Davison

Blyton Class: Miss H Chadwick

Teaching Assistants: Miss H Ablett, Mrs A Bellone and Miss T Mockford

Year 3:

Walliams Class: Mrs K Wines

Morpurgo Class:  Miss A Powell

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs H Lawrence and Miss D Fife 

Year 4:

Rowling Class: Ms C Stevens and Mrs E Turnball

Lewis Class: Ms S Field and Miss S Phelps

Teaching Assistants: Miss E Cox, Ms L Otto, Mrs P Farhat and Mrs S Eranki

Year 5:

Blackman Class: Mr G Bull

Tolkien Class: Mrs N Saunders

Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Chopra, Mr J Foyer and Mrs K Jarrold

Year 6:

Dickens Class: Miss N Bell

Shakespeare Class: Mr J Hewitt

Year 6 Booster Teacher: Mrs Z Sleeman

Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Carty and Ms H Jackson


SENDCO: Mrs B Liston

Cover Supervisors: 
Mrs T Carty
Miss H Ablett
Miss E Cox
Mrs D Rider

Specialist Visiting Staff

Music Teacher: Ms S Seeney (BYMT)

Dance Teacher: Ms Z Elliott

Drama Teacher: Ms N Cortez

Mandarin Teacher: Yangyang (Orpington Chinese School)

Speech and Language Therapist: Ms H Aleem (Love to Communicate)

Play Therapist: Mrs M Palmer

Administrative Staff

Senior Administrative Officer: Mrs K Fryatt

Finance and Administrative Officer: Mrs L Lee

Administrative Officer: Miss A Otto 

Site Manager: Mr P Unsworth

Midday Supervisors

Mrs C Hussey
Mrs H Lawrence
Miss C Jones
Mrs S Percy
Miss T Mockford
Mrs C Kelynack
Miss M Jones
Mrs A Miller
Miss S Waters
Mrs K Siddiqui
Mrs C Bennett
Mrs C Tewksbury
Mrs C Regan